Some things are better in theory

Posted On February 23, 2010

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Many moons ago I was given a handmedown bouncy seat for my twin boys.  It was old and ugly and the metal frame was worn so the baby was almost horizontal.   I never used it with Pretty Girl but with Little Man I wished I had a chair on both levels.

Warrior bent the frame into shape for me and I made a new cover.  It was one of those projects that should have been simple.  With a very simple pattern I could have whipped it up perfectly in no time.

But I didn’t have a pattern (or even the old cover) so I had to guess.  And of course I guessed wrong.

In retrospect, I wish I had added black piping.  Or black gingham piping!  Everything is better with gingham.

I considered a date with my seam ripper but after a week of ripping some cursed curtains, the seam ripper begged for a some time off.  So the chair stays pipeless.  Just as well since some day  I might want to alter it (again) so the baby doesn’t just fall out as he does now.

He likes it more than he looks like he does.  That complainy face is because I kept telling him I would feed and change him after “just one more seam”.

He kept believing me.

Silly baby.