What a Hunk!

Posted On March 3, 2010

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Perhaps LITTLE was the wrong title for my Man.  He is my biggest baby.  Since I don’t own a scale I have no idea how much he weighs but it’s a lot.  Or so I’ve been told.

Warrior and I were one our semiannual date at Walmart (will somebody PLEASE tell me what else there is to do at night!?!) and he was carrying Little Man.  Until he handed him back to me saying “Here, you carry him.  He’s heavy.”

Seriously?  The man who spends an hour a day working out can’t carry a 3 month old because he’s heavy?  Tell me you’re tired of carrying him but don’t tell me he’s too heavy!  …In all unfairness I realized that isn’t a story that should be broadcast to the whole world via blog because it might make Warrior look bad but since I’ve already told everyone I know and I tease him about it all the time, I figure the damage is already done.

Ironically, right after that night I started noticing that Little Man really is heavy!  He’s a hunk.  Not quite a chunk.  He isn’t exactly fat.  Just not scrawny like my other babies were.  I can no longer throw him around like I could a month ago.  I have to have the right angle.  But he is not yet so heavy that it occurs to me to put him down.  Besides, he is SOOOO cuddly and sweet.  He’s my snuggler hunk.

Oh, and as you can see, he’s taken up thumb sucking.


4 Responses to “What a Hunk!”

  1. Vee

    You finally got your football player! Hooray!

  2. Elise

    I feel like a horrible cousin! I can’t keep track of the babies! I thought you had another, but I wasn’t sure… what’s his name??

  3. Tante Tary

    Awww..little man!! I love him!!!

  4. Holly

    Moms are buffer than dads. It’s just true. Not sure if buffer is a word, but I say it is. =)