In case you’ve been missin me…

Posted On March 27, 2010

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I have been having entirely too much fun the past 3 weeks to keep up on blogging.  I’ll give you a quick update:

Week 1 – Tackler got sick.  The next day Pretty Girl, Little Man and Mommy all followed suit.  I never really got it – just stayed on the fringes of poor health – thank goodness because I had a rough time with babies who could only sleep at night sitting up straight.  The worst night had me on the couch with 3 children piled on top of me.

I was so sad watching my 3 month old struggle to breathe and Pretty Girl had ZERO light in her eyes for 4 days.  No twinkle at all.  And only wanted to be held.   My only saving grace was that at least Prince managed to avoid it all.

Week 2 – I was wrong.  Just as everyone else was finally getting better, Prince got sick enough to make up for the other 4 of us.  My skinny little insomniac slept for 4 straight days and barely ate a thing.  He was so docile and sad.  When I told him how dangerous it was to have such a high temperature he asked if he was going to die.   So sad.  Fortunately the next day he asked if he was better.  He wasn’t but at least the worst was over.

My one saving grace was the glimmer of hope that after sleeping so much he would forget that he was an insomniac.  Again, I was wrong.

Week 3 – Two days after declaring Prince healthy, I declared myself sick.  I tried to pretend I wasn’t but the sore throat, hacking cough and runny nose finked on me.  The next day Pretty Girl, Little Man and Mommy woke up with pink eye.

There is nothing quite as attractive as red oozing crusty eyes.  You’ll forgive me for the lack of recent pictures.


4 Responses to “In case you’ve been missin me…”

  1. Karen

    I hope you get feeling better soon! It sounds like a tough month.

  2. Tante

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick…glad I missed it tho. Hope you’re all feeling better now!!!

  3. Sarah

    Wow! When you said “fun” I thought you all went on vacation or something. I guess you need a vacation after all of that nonsense!

  4. Leslie

    forgiven! 🙂