Rising Flood Waters

Posted On April 6, 2010

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After watching the news about rain in the northeast last week a friend casually asked if we were flooded out.  Yes, literally.  Once she understood the gravity of the situation back here she apologized for her levity.

Unfortunately, I do not have a single picture of what was my husband’s nightmare.  Almost everyone I know (all 6 of them) had 10″ of standing water in their basements.  Thanks to our dear neighbors, a friend from church and my hero husband, our basement did not get that bad.  However, it was back breaking work to keep it contained to one corner.

For 36 straight hours they filled TWO huge shopvacs of water twice an hour.  Even after the rain stopped, the soggy ground continued to drain into our basement.  One the 3rd day he was saying “I’m going to try to stretch it to an hour before I go down again”.    What a nightmare.

In response to those who have expressed concern, we are all ok.  The house is fine.  The damage is minimal considering what others have experienced.  If the flooding is news to you, try to find some pictures online.  Apparently we got more than our annual expected rainfall in 48 hours.  Streets were flooded.  Sidewalks were washed away.  It was wet.  And we were blessed.


2 Responses to “Rising Flood Waters”

  1. Sally

    I hadn’t heard – so sorry. We’ve been flooded here before and it is not fun. Hang in there – I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.

  2. Vee

    What a nightmare. I’m glad it’s over for you. It was Christmas in Utah this morning. Crazy weather.