Top Lessons in 5,000 miles

Posted On May 3, 2010

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I’m back.

Sorry I left.

The last two months have been hard.

I was called a fair weather friend because when life gets really complicated I disappear.

Or was it because I disappeared that life got really complicated?

Either way, I’m back.  And in the coming posts I will tell you all about my adventures of the past 2 months including all the life lessons I learned along the way.

Picture: I only wish I had spent the last two months sleeping this peacefully.


2 Responses to “Top Lessons in 5,000 miles”

  1. Jeannie Young

    Yeah, I know the feeling of disappearing on the blog lines! I love the sweet picture of your little princess. Glad you are well!

  2. Mutti

    Hard? That doesn’t begin to cover what you have been thru… and done! Many, many thanks does not begin to cover it, either!