Lesson #1: The Weather in the NE isn’t so bad afterall

Posted On May 5, 2010

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I have a brother in law in South Carolina and parents in Colorado.  Both think we should move close to them and I am happy to accommodate…I’m just not sure which one to pick.  Their tactics (including boasting about their fabulous weather) tend to depress me.  I hate the weather where we live.  Winter lasts 13 months and except for a gorgeous week of spring and week of fall, the rest of the year is hot and humid.  Besides that, even when the weather IS bearable, the skies are gray and cloudy.

At the end of February, my husband got a call from his sister who takes care of his parents saying they were not doing well and could he please come offer her a reprieve.  Not wanting to fly and not wanting to be away from his family, he asked that we join him.  (You will later learn why both these statements hilariously ironic).  He took 2 weeks unpaid leave and we dashed to Utah.

We left at 7pm on some random day and drove to Taco Bell for dinner.  Nutritious, I know.  Then we got gas.  Then we realized our headlight was broken so we drove to Walmart.  We had been gone an hour and had not left our town. We have a LONG 2500 miles to go!

We drove all night and all day and all evening and finally stopped 1100 miles later in Iowa.  Over breakfast we had a lovely chat with the manager of the hotel.  We commented on the heaps of snow and were surprised when he told us their annual snowfall was about the same as ours.  We had assumed it would be more.  But here was the clincher – their current snow had fallen about a month earlier.  It just never goes away.  At least our snow goes away.

So, lesson #1.  Our weather could be worse.  How is that for a rousing endorsement?  I think the tourism bureau should hire me.

Come back soon for more lessons on perspective from my trip.