Lesson #3: To Each Her Own Reality

Posted On May 10, 2010

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Lesson 3 on my cross country trek:  Something that is obvious to one person will not become obvious to another just because we tell them it is obvious.

The kids enjoy talking to my sister, Tante on the phone.  Our 2nd stop was at her house and the boys were excited to see her, but Pretty Girl wanted nothing to do with her.  She did, however, want to call Tante on the phone.  We tried to convince her she was looking at Tante in the flesh but she wouldn’t believe us.  Finally we handed her the phone so she could call Tante.  When Tante answered the phone, Pretty Girl finally made the connection and they became fast friends.    Some things we just have to figure out for ourselves.

The application in other areas was not lost on me.  Spending two months in other people’s homes and lives gave me a chance to watch people struggle with things that are obvious.

I have a friend who is on a crusade to change the world.  She knows a lot of obvious things, and we agree on almost everything (which is why we are friends) but most of her readers don’t get it.  I have considered blogging about all the stuff she does but

#3 – it doesn’t occur to me which stuff is obvious because it’s just so, well, obvious.

#2 – it’s a slow crusade.  As I learned from Pretty Girl, sometimes people just need to figure things out on their own.

#1 – she says it all so well.  Why duplicate the brilliancy?  If you want to be enlightened (or enraged), read her blog.  Then if you want my opinion, which you probably don’t, you can ask me where I stand and I will try to enlighten, or enrage, you myself.


One Response to “Lesson #3: To Each Her Own Reality”

  1. lazyorganizer

    Do you really think she is trying to change the world? Doesn’t she know that no one wants her opinion?

    So where do you stand anyway? Really. I want to know.

    Barefoot says: Where do I stand on what? Anything in particular you want to know? Yes, she is trying to change the world. Or at least her little bubble of it.