Lesson #4: Sometimes you just need a laugh

Posted On May 12, 2010

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While we were in Utah we were able to visit Grandma Great and Grandpa Great.  Grandpa Great is not doing so great.  He used to be the most social man alive but when he lost his hearing, he also lost his ability to socialize.

They have a little white board to write messages to him and I tried my best to keep in in the loop of our conversations…when the boys were not drawing pictures for him on the board.  However, the most I could get out of him were short “hmmm”s or “oh”s. 

And then the other most social man alive came with me for a visit.  Warrior went through his entire repertoire of jokes.  And then asked for my supply.  And Grandpa Great came alive.  He told his own jokes and laughed and laughed.

I was sad that Warrior does not live close enough to keep him laughing every day.  And I was sad that I do not have the skills to engage people and make them happy like Warrior does.  But I was oh so glad to  be married to someone with social magic.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.  It does wonders for the soul.