How do you make Easter last all year?

Posted On May 18, 2010

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While I was in Colorado I found fancy scrapbooking letters in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby (Why can’t we get a HL?!)that said EASTER.  

I wanted to put them on something but Easter was past and I didn’t really want something that would only be seasonal.  So I stared at them until I realized if I left out the E’s, Easter spells STAR!

I appliqued the letters to a purple tshirt that was screaming for something decorative. 

Purple is good but pink and purple together is better.  I know because Pretty Girl has a pink outfit and a purple outfit but usually combines them.  Now I just need something for the pink shirt.  And a niece or daughter with an “E” name because I have two extra Es.  (Can you think of a better reason to have a kid?)

And just for interest sake….have we reached the point in society where it’s ok to be frugal yet?  I seems to me we finally have unless you’re buying fabric.

The shirt and pants each cost $1.  The letters cost 10 cents.  So total outfit cost = $2.10.  Why can’t I look cute for pocket change?


4 Responses to “How do you make Easter last all year?”

  1. Mutti

    Fabric? We buy fabric?
    You are always cute…
    So is Pretty Girl!

  2. Mrs.Smith

    Super cute!

    Let’s see… what else could you spell?

    Okay, I might be having too much fun with that. Thanks for a fun idea!

    • barefootquilter

      Right. Because ‘tease’ is what I want on my 2 yr old’s shirt. 😉

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  3. lazyorganizer

    So is that a craft? Why don’t you just start buying all your clothes at a thrift store so you can brag about it to all your friends?