Why We Homeschool: Reason #496

Posted On May 22, 2010

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Q: Why do we homeschool? 

A: Socialization.

Some people complain that homeschoolers miss out on the golden opportunity to spend 8 hours a day in a room with a homogeneous group of their peers.  How does this prepare them for the “real world”?  Since graduation from school, when have you ever spent time with a group of people born the same year as you?  The first schools in this country, one room schoolhouses, had the right idea according to studies on socialization. 

At a recent TJEd conference,  Andrew Pudewa said “Interestingly, children use the least sophisticated language when placed with children that are within 2 years of their own age. When they are with older children, they use more advanced language (to talk like them), when they are with younger children, they use more advanced language as well (because they see themselves as the more mature child).”

Photo: My kids with some friends in Colorado.  Neighbor kids.  Church kids.  Even mom had friends and got to socialize!  What a nice change.


4 Responses to “Why We Homeschool: Reason #496”

  1. Mutti

    Look at all those great kids! They DID have such a good time together! You can just tell by looking at them!

  2. Anonymous

    It took me awhile before I figured out that the rock wall in the picture is my front yard! Great picture with good poses!

  3. lazyorganizer

    Just thinking about the “socialization” I got from public school makes me cringe. Watching my twelve year old son and my five year old daughter play together has taught me that children don’t need age mates. They need family. That’s very interesting about the language.

  4. Valerie

    Hmmm. You keep giving more reasons for big families. =)