Apple Pie for breakfast?

Posted On May 26, 2010

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Those of you who know me and my fear of sugar might be surprised to hear that our newest favorite breakfast is apple pie.  We found a farm stand with apples as big as grapefruits.  They were delicious and we couldn’t get enough of them.  We went back two days later and the kids filled their baskets with apples.  With so many apples in the house, and bored with our usual breakfast choices, I searched for a breakfast recipe with apples.  What I discovered (plus my own changes) has been dubbed Apple Pie) (because it is so scrumptious) and was served 3 times this week with great acclaim. 

1/3+c flour

1/2t baking powder

sprinkle of sea salt

2T lemon juice

9 eggs

Chop 2 apples (the more the better) and stir fry in butter and loads of cinnamon.  When they are a bit tender pour the egg mixture on top.  Mix it up a bit so the apples are folded into the egg.  Turn heat down to medium and let it cook. Until golden.  Flip and cook other side.  Do not overcook.  (You need a really big pan for this much but it’s enough to fill my hungry kids and their starving mother).

Photos: We visited Warrior’s brother and played on the playground near their house.  Little Man experienced a swing for the first time and LOVED it.  Of course, he loves everything but thought the swing was especially exciting.


4 Responses to “Apple Pie for breakfast?”

  1. Lara Gallagher

    Look at those cute pictures!!

    That sounds like an omelet with apples in it. No sugar? Interesting. Of course I can’t try it but maybe I’ll cook up some apples for my children to eat on their hot cereal one of these days. I can smell the apples cooking now.

  2. Mutti

    Good thing you have twin swings! You can put one up indoors and one up outdoors! How FUN!

  3. Sally

    Little Man is getting so big! What a cutie!

  4. Valerie

    I am very hungry for breakfast now. Sounds yummy!