When do I catch up?

Posted On June 15, 2010

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Why does home have to be so hard?

There is a never ending list of things to do.  I realize it’s a bit inane to complain about being behind – maybe I’d be more ahead if I was home occasionally…

However, I came home refreshed.  Being on the road has it’s own set of difficulties but it also put things into perspective.  I came home thinking life was simple.  So why has it gotten complicated so quickly?

All I really have to do is cook, clean, feed, cloth, teach.  I do those things no matter where I am, so why does it feel like there is more to take care of at home than on the road?

What the heck is on my to do list these days?  And who put it there?

Do you feel behind?  How do you get caught up?

Why are kids just so darn cute when they are asleep?  Photos were taken at the end of March.  I owe you a real post from that time period.  It’s coming.  I really really promise to write it.  As soon as I get caught up.

P.S.  Pardon my whining.  I have perspective and a good attitude – I’ve just been too busy to write a real post.  If you are lacking perspective, I recommend reading my new favorite book – David Copperfield.  I think it was Meg who told me I had to read it.  She was right.  It is now required reading for my children before they are allowed to fall in love… Thanks Meg.


4 Responses to “When do I catch up?”

  1. Meg

    Oh…I’m so glad you liked it. It’s required reading in our home too. Love it!

  2. Anonymous

    Because on the road there is maid service.

  3. Dad

    “Home”? What’s that? I think I’ve heard the term before, but I don’t have the foggiest idea what it means!!

  4. Dad

    The reason why kids look so cute when they are sleeping is because they aren’t creating any work for you while they are sleeping. they are simply laying there………..quietly, peacefully, no bad behavior, no messes (unless they wet the bed).