Lesson #6: Even perfect children make the kitchen floor dirty

Posted On June 18, 2010

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I struggle between the notion that a house should always be spotless and the reality that it takes a lot of work to keep it that way.

My biggest complaint right now (…or rather, back in February) was the kitchen floor.  I try to make my kids sit down to eat.  I try to teach them to not leave crumbs under the table.  Yet somehow the kitchen floor always needs to be swept and I get annoyed with those jobs that must be done every single day and are undone minutes after doing them.

I thought I was a bad mom.  If I was a good mom, I would have raised perfect children who know how to eat without dirtying the floor.  Right?

The liberating answer is NO!

My Utah adventures included a delightful week with my good mom friend and her 4 perfect children.

And guess what she did every single night?  She vacuumed her kitchen floor!?  Apparently those darn floors are a magnet for crumbs.

I’m not a bad mom.  My kids are perfect afterall.  There is nothing I can do about it.  Except continue to sweep.  And dream of anti gravity.

…After ruminating on this lesson for 3 months it just now occurred to me that maybe her floor was dirty because MY kids were there … in which case there wouldn’t be a lesson at all but it seemed to be part of her routine so let’s just assume the lesson is in tact.

What is your least favorite chore?  How do you keep a good attitude about it?


4 Responses to “Lesson #6: Even perfect children make the kitchen floor dirty”

  1. Tante

    It’s a tie between folding laundry and cleaning the floors. Even without kids around there ALWAYS seem to be crumbs on my floor…so I know where you’re coming from. Honestly, sometimes I just ignore that the chore needs to be done unless we have company coming over or we’re out of clean clothes.

  2. Lara Gallagher

    Her children are perfect? Vacuuming is my all time favorite job but I like to share and let my children do it most of the time. My least favorite job would have to be toilets. It’s not like they are difficult to scrub out every other day. It just grosses me out.

    You know, if you ate all your meals outside then you wouldn’t have to vacuum every night. I’m sure the little animals would really appreciate the crumbs in January.

  3. Mutti

    Now there is an idea! …and we can do that in Colorado, tho not every January night. Oh, and of course you and your children are perfect! I could have told you that.

  4. natterbee

    I just found your blog; I like it! My least favorite job (lately) has been cleaning the kitchen table and counters. Ever since school got out I swear they are always sticky and full of crumbs. And I am the only one that it seems to bother! I have systems for our just about every other chore in the house but since the table and counters have to be done multiple times every day I haven’t found a system that works just yet. Thanks for asking!