Two Funny Prince-isms

Posted On July 12, 2010

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In my attempt to teach the kids German, I am incorporating what little I remember into our every day lives.  While out hiking last week, whenever we came to a fork in the trail I asked if they wanted to go “Links oder rechts”.

After a dozen turns Prince grinned and asked “Does that mean if we go this way we will see a bobcat (a bobcat is a type of Lynx) and if we go that way we will see a dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus-REX)?  He was pretty proud of himself for that joke.  Me too.


A few days ago while working in the dining room, Prince asked if the cabinet with the dishes was a China cabinet or an American cabinet.   Not only are we a patriotic family, but we are a patriotic family which is a tad leery of things made in China.  He was NOT impressed that we have a china cabinet.  I think he is renaming it an American cabinet for me.

Photos: We love to eat on the back deck but the sun is bright for sensitive little eyes so the kids have moved into their own little house for their snack breaks.


One Response to “Two Funny Prince-isms”

  1. Mutti

    How clever he is…

    They are all smart as they can be.

    They are also growing!! You ARE NOT supposed to let that happen!

    Glad you are teaching them German. They will pick it up fast. You did at Pretty Girl’s age!