Lesson #10: If you don’t like someone, wait 8 months and see if you get a bit more mature

Posted On July 13, 2010

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Remember all those life lessons from my trip out west?

I am finally home, my pictures are downloaded and with me and I’m ready to enlighten you with all my profound lessons.  You might not think they are profound but I do.  And they were my lessons so that’s all that really counts. (But still, I hope you like them and learn something with me).

My brother and I live almost as far apart as we possibly can.  Not by choice, but as long as I’m stuck on the east coast and he’s stuck on the west coast, we have to do crazy things to get together.

For me, it meant driving across country and then even a bit further.   For him (and his car hating girls), it meant battling LA traffic like all 8 million other LA’ers on a Friday afternoon…to meet up at a hotel in Cedar City, Utah.

Doesn’t that sound EXCITING!?

My brother’s mission companion lives in St. George with his wife and 2 kids so we played with them.  Do the math.  We had 5 adults and 8 kids age 6 and under. Doesn’t that sound even MORE exciting?

Two were infants so they don’t really count.  And the rest got along really well.  And by really well, I mean SO much better than last time we got the two little girls together.

Last summer when we met up in Colorado Pretty Girl met her cousin for the first time since her baby blessing. Pretty Girl was 18 months and my niece was 2 1/2.   We were SO excited for them to play together.  The experience was summed up best by my sister in law when she said “It’s official.  They hate each other.”

I was relieved to see them get along so much better on this trip.  When I expressed this sentiment, I was told “I wouldn’t exactly call them bosom buddies.”  No, but they tolerated each other and that is such an improvement and leaves room for hope for bosom buddy-ness in the future.

Take a lesson from the jr. high reminicent experiences of these toddlers. If you find yourself really disliking someone, try to wonder if maybe it’s because you’re just not quite mature enough.  Give it another 8 months.  Maybe you’ll grow up a little and find a truly wonderful friend.

Photo 2: Little Man is almost sitting up for the first time. He looks sandwiched next to me but he actually had very little support and was working those abs pretty hard.

Photo 4: My little niece was ecstatic to play in the snow.  As her father reminds me on a regular basis, they don’t get cold weather where he lives.  I enjoyed watching her beg her shivering dad to play in the snow after church while he begged her to go with him to find Mommy…whom he was sure was warm and toasty inside.

Thanks again for meeting up with us.  We can’t wait to see you again.


3 Responses to “Lesson #10: If you don’t like someone, wait 8 months and see if you get a bit more mature”

  1. Holly

    Channing, you look darling in all of these!!!

  2. Dad

    Well done and well said. At least the girls are trending in the right direction (if the math major in you will consider “two instances” making a trend.)

  3. Mutti

    Don’t we have the cutest kids and grands!
    What blessings you all are to us!