Do you need to know things will get better?

Posted On July 19, 2010

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On our way to St. George I was excited to see a teeny sign for the teenier town of Kanarraville.  I knew nothing of Kanarraville, including it’s location in Utah, but it was a town dear to my heart.

11 years ago I got married and moved out east where housing was ridiculously expensive.  I thought we would never be able to afford our own home.  I was YW president in a struggling ward and working 60+ hours a week and commuting a minimum of 3 hrs a day.  In all, life was TOUGH and I wasn’t entirely sure we were going to make it.

Then President Holland spoke in General Conference and changed my life.  His talk spoke to the deepest part of my soul.  It was exactly what I needed to hear and it carried me through those difficult beginning years.  I have listened to that talk dozens of times since then.  For the first few years I listened to it to remind me that “it will be all right in the end”.

In the last few years I have listened to it with a thankful heart.  All the things I feared 11 years ago are now okay and I enjoy reminiscing.  Whatever new problems I have will also get better and be okay in the end.

I was excited to find this excerpt from Elder Holland’s talk on YouTube today.  It reminded me of the day I was so thrilled to finally see Kanarraville and the site of Elder Holland’s story.

Watch this video.  Even if you have already seen it, I promise it will touch your heart again. If you already know things will get better, maybe you know someone else who needs that hope.  Find someone to encourage and spread your faith.

Photos: Who needs a double stroller when you can double up in a single stroller?  I promise I grabbed Little Man out of there as soon as he pulled that sad face.  He loved it all the way up to that last picture.


5 Responses to “Do you need to know things will get better?”

  1. Vi

    Great post… I loved that video too (love all of them!) and now I want to read all of that talk! What could be better than all of those cutie kids you have?

  2. Meg

    My cousin lives in Kanarraville.:)

  3. Sally

    That is my husbands all time favorite talk, but for other reason’s too. We listen to it a lot and love it! Cute pictures!

  4. Brookeh

    I’m still in that stage where I need to be reminded it’s going to be ok. Loved this clip. Made me cry. Thank you.

  5. lazyorganizer

    Cute kids! We break all safety regulations with our stroller and pile the girls on. Luckily my five year old is big enough to walk or ride her bike so the new baby will get her own seat and the two year old will get moved to the adventurous “seat” in front.

    Love that talk too. I’ve been reading a good book that talks about this sort of thing. I guess if we could see the good and purpose in everything like Christ can then we would have no need to think life is hard or to wait for things to get better. I’m working on that!