Lesson #12: There are problems everywhere

Posted On July 27, 2010

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Does that sound like a comforting thought to you?  It came as quite a pleasant surprise to me.   Not that I’m really surprised.  Or glad either.  But it was a much needed dose of perspective.  It will come to no surprise to you that I am not overly fond of where I live.  Why?  Because, among other things, people here struggle.  They have their nuances.  They are too busy with their lives to notice or help others.  They are stuck in their ruts.  They judge and ostracize.  Just like people every where else.  Huh.  At least here, I can sometimes see the reason for this horribly natural behavior.  In a few other places I went, for various reasons, I expected more.

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So there you have it.  My  non specific overly generalized observation that offers oh so little insight into what I’m actually talking about but that made me come home a little more appreciative and tolerant of the people here.  Lesson well learned.  Whatever it was I learned.

Photos:  While we were in Colorado my kids participated in a Primary activity.  It was such a fun, well executed event and the kids loved it.  I enjoyed weekly yoga classes, knitting, Women’s Conference, and park days.  Amazing what you can accomplish with all hands on deck!


2 Responses to “Lesson #12: There are problems everywhere”

  1. Mutti

    I knew you would leave out that picture of you! Edit it, lady, and put it in! It really was a fun activity. Wish you could have been here for the Pioneer Day one. It was just as well done.

    • barefootquilter

      I almost told you not to read yet. I had missed the other email. It’s in there now.