He thinks gardening is a sport

Posted On August 6, 2010

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Today Prince said, “Bahpa (my dad) is a really good gardener.  He does it almost every day.  I think he thinks it’s sports.  Because you know how sports are really fun?

Apparently Bahpa’s garden made a big impression on Prince which says a LOT because not only was Bahpa only in Colorado about 6 days in the whole 6 weeks we were there, but the weather was not exactly conducive to gardening, but the garden was showing signs of winter negligence.  (

Of course his negligence looks worlds better than my best efforts…for every thing there is a season.  This is not my gardening season.  The boys have suggested we employ Bahpa to spruce things up a bit.  What say ye Bahpa?

Photo: The kids with Tante in April in front of Bahpa’s mountain wall.  No flowers to show off (they are on the other side) but it shows something of his obsession.  This view used to be flat concrete.