The Magic Whistle

Posted On August 10, 2010

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We have a fun trick around here.  My mom came up with it but we were both surprised when it worked.  I doubt either of us believed it would still work 9 months later.

I whistle for my kids. One whistle for the oldest. Two for #2.

(#3 and 4 are too young – I don’t know what I’d recommend if you have 12!).

The nice thing about a whistle is that it’s pretty quiet but carries.  Not only does it carry across a room (even a house), but it carries into little heads.  You can scream your kids name but your voice does not penetrate into those busy heads.

I love being in the middle of a conversation with someone and “call” my kids to me. If I was talking to someone and stopped to call out a name, they would think it was interrupting but they don’t even notice me whistle.When my kids come running they look at me like “how did they know you wanted them?”

As my mom says, “Momma magic!”

Photos: Tante Tary was a big hit in Colorado, of course.  She has loved holding babies since she was teeny.  I remember her, at age 1, wanting to hold a “baby” who was 2 weeks younger than her.  She’s a kid magnet because she gets right in to play in the fray.  We wish she could have popped down for a few more visits while we were out west, but she was busy “studying”.  Right.  We all know college students don’t study.


3 Responses to “The Magic Whistle”

  1. Mutti

    Momma Magic it is! …but Uncle Wink gets credit for the original idea: A quick whistle to find each other in a store. So much nicer than calling out a name… And so much fun to watch people see if they can figure out where that whistle came from!

  2. Sally

    I’m impressed! I can’t whistle!

  3. Tante

    Give those kids hugs from me!!!