Contest: Name that city….

Posted On September 3, 2010

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As promised, I am finally to the point of telling you about our next trip.  But YOU have to figure out WHERE we went (based on the slideshow below).  After a couple days at my brother and sister in law’s house, we took off for our ending destination.  If you know us, or if I mentioned it and forgot, I’m sure you know where that was.  On the way though, I had 4 bored kids and decided to stop and see….well, I didn’t know what to stop and see.  I just knew I did not want to make them spend all day driving.  So I called my travel expert (thanks dad) and asked what cool city I should stop to see.

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Outside the city we toured a nature preserve (mentioned here), then we spent a few hours in the city and were NOT disappointed.  SUCH a fun city.  We then continued on during our normal driving hours (the middle of the night) and arrived at our final destination which I will tell you about in my next post.

Contest rules: If I already told you where we went, you are disqualified.  Otherwise, first commenter with the correct answer will win a $10 Mary Kay gift card.  I know.  SOOO incredibly exciting.  Be thankful.  My original prize was going to be “accolades and a virtual pat on the back”.


4 Responses to “Contest: Name that city….”

  1. Mutti

    Come on, people! Dad will be so disappointed in you if you can’t guess it! She laid it all out there for you! Win the prize.

  2. Sally

    Great pictures! I’d like to think if I didn’t already know I would win!

  3. Brookeh

    That looks like Missouri and Mark Twain’s hometown to me. Hannibal MO. Am I right?

  4. Anonymous

    Brookeh – Ugh. “Dad”