Why didn’t you just start earlier?

Posted On September 5, 2010

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Warrior:  What time did you come to bed last night?

Me: 2am

Warrior: Why?

Me: These!

It took me 3 hours to make a pair of shoes.  Including figuring out which material to use and tinkering to see if I could alter the pattern for various reasons.  I think I can finish the next pair in an hour.  Does that mean I would be done at midnight or not have to start until 1am?

Leave it to me to want to change a pattern (here) that everyone else in blogland loves.  Basically, the pattern is awesome – they fit perfectly.  And by that I mean they have room to grow but did not fall off even once.  But I did make a few changes.

The elastic threads through holes sniped into the lining.  I couldn’t just snip.  So I added button holes instead. The directions say to use 9″ of elastic but then you later snip off 2″.  I don’t like that kind of waste so next time I will just start with 7″.

My other change is in the heel.  It says to fold over the back.  That seemed bulky and messy so I stuck the elastic through a casing between the outer and inner layers.  Much more streamlined.  Oh, and a little trick I discovered – my safety pin was too fat but a child’s plastic needle worked perfectly for threading the elastic.

I lined mine with satin – what baby doesn’t need satin shoes?

However, they aren’t technically lined.  They have a lining material but there are raw seams.  I tried to fix this but couldn’t figure out a nice way to do it.  Of course Warrior noticed and pointed it out but fortunately Little Man didn’t seem to mind.  Of course this is a kid who eats rocks when his mom is so busy snapping pictures for her blog that she doesn’t notice he is actually IN the dirt….


4 Responses to “Why didn’t you just start earlier?”

  1. Tante

    Can you make some in an adult size 8?? 🙂 Those are SUPER cute!!!!

  2. Just Lara

    So cute! Totally worth staying up till 2 a.m. Especially since you probably had a nap at 11:00 anyway.

    Can you please send me the updated pattern so I can make some for my baby? I have some leather and satin around here somewhere. Thank you.

    Barefoot says: Thanks. I actually made and sent you several pairs made out of scrapbook paper. They won’t be very durable but you can just throw them in her memory box and use another pair.

  3. Brookeh

    Cute! I want some. I never found out if I won your contest? Was I right?

    Barefoot says: Sorry, you were not even in the right region. Thanks for guessing though.

  4. lazyorganizer

    I can’t wait to get them. I’m going to put them right into a scrapbook with 100 pictures of my baby wearing them.