Swimming with Dolphins

Posted On September 22, 2010

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To complete our nature tour we decided to swim with the dolphins.  Well, we decided to swim and a dolphin decided to swim with us.  We were on a little cove where the barrier island protected us from waves and cold water.  It was a perfect little spot with shallow water that was warm enough to just sit.  I plopped Little Man in the water and occasionally sat him back up when the ripples knocked him over and watched the kids play around on the boogie boards.

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And then our friend who was camped out on the beach told us to look behind us.   There was a lone dolphin leaping out of the water.  We oohed and aahed and then chased after him.  He jumped close to a dozen times allowing us to see where he was and continue our chase.  The water was so shallow that I was able to walk pretty far.  When it got too deep the kids boarded their boogie boards and I pulled them.  Eventually our friend headed away too far too fast and we resorted to mere swimming.  Who ever forgets the day they swam with a dolphin?


2 Responses to “Swimming with Dolphins”

  1. Mutti

    You are right!! No one forgets that. What an experience. We did it many, many years ago and it is still a favorite memory! You are giving them an unforgettable childhood. What a great Mom you are!

  2. lazyorganizer

    Wow, that sounds amazing!