You can lead a horse

Posted On October 3, 2010

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Makes you wonder when you find pictures like this on your camera.

What were they doing?  And what else did I miss?  That is Prince, my little cowboy.

An appropriate picture for sharing my wise quip this week.  I just spouted it off when we were whining about people who think we are odd for eating healthily but when my friend said it was brilliant I decided it really needed to become a household saying.

I downloaded a bunch of pix of us at the beach from my other camera so I will post an addendum to my beach post soon.

Tonight I just have time for my new favorite phrase and a picture of our local adopted grandma who joined us at the art faire I think I forgot to blog about just days before we left on our little trip back in February.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him stop adding KoolAid to it.

~The Barefoot Quilter


2 Responses to “You can lead a horse”

  1. Mutti

    You AREN’T giving up, are you?

  2. Just Lara

    You are just so brilliant. A friend and I were talking last night how our children will be part of a small group that ate healthy, that will live past 50. Everone else will die of cancer or heart disease or diabetes long before.