If only we could go again soon….

Posted On October 15, 2010

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Back in the olden days, before we had children, I was at lunch at work one day discussing vacation destinations and Walt Disney World was mentioned.  I commented that WDW was my husband’s favorite place to go and he would pick that destination over any other, provided we had not been there in a while.  They asked if he would choose to go right then.  I decided he would.  They asked how long it had been since we had last been there.

I did some minor calculations and realized yes, he would definitely choose WDW as it had been a very long time since we had last gone.  9 months!

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My children are the lucky recipients of such fanaticism.  And so, here is yet another round of pictures from yet another visit to WDW.  The place just does not get old.  Of course, being pulled on stage for the 3rd visit in a row sweetens the deal for my spotlight loving Warrior.  This time he played well with others and did not “catch” the bullet.  He was a hit none the less.

More pictures of WDW to come.  As my brother in law (the guy in the orange shirt) says “Oh, here they come with the camera again.”


2 Responses to “If only we could go again soon….”

  1. Sally

    How fun! I wish my husband was a bit more enthusiastic about it. We’ve been once and he has no plans to ever return.

  2. Just Lara

    I would say it looks fun but it doesn’t. I think I would rather eat sand at a cold beach in Connecticut.