Mom’s Day Off

Posted On October 20, 2010

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When a mother of one stays home with her baby everyone considers her to be busy.  When a mother of four stays home with her baby, everyone calls it a “day off”.  At least that’s what they call it at my house and I’m not sure I think it’s quite fair.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy my days off.  Especially when they take place at WDW.

While Warrior thinks the parks are the end all, be all, I go to WDW for a different reason.  I certainly love the parks but I have been to them a lot and lately I have always been either carrying a baby or well, carrying a baby.

Pregnancy and infants put a damper on the rides so I stay home by the pool and if pregnant, spend the day with a book.  Otherwise I spend the day teaching the latest addition to swim.

The pictures of crazy face making Little Man were from the first park day when everyone was cheering for Warrior on stage at Hollywood Studios.

When they got home the boys went to the pool, then the hottub, then a very bubbly bubble bath while Pretty Girl went straight to sleep.



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  1. Tante

    I love Little Man’s faces!! He always manages to put a smile on my face…even many miles away!!