Live Vicariously at Magic Kingdom

Posted On October 22, 2010

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Fascinating narration of the slideshow:

At the bus station and on the bus ~ When the twins were little we used to spend whole days on the transportation – buses, monorails, boats and golf carts galore.

Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree House ~ Another addition my dad needs to add to his backyard – just before his replica of the live steam train on a half mile track that Uncle Walt had in his backyard.

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Pirates of the Caribbean ~ such a cute ride before the stupid movie came out.

Splash Mountain ~ always a favorite

Carousel ~ fortunately Pretty Girl no longer squints for posted smiles.

Dumbo ~ Pretty Girl refusing to exit the ride.

Autopia ~ Tackler has his learner’s permit already

Buzz Lightyear – Prince will prattle for hours about this ride

And to think I missed it all during my second “day off” with baby.


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  1. Anonymous

    Warrior – How come your brother and sister-in-law look so tired in all the pictures? You didn’t wear them out, did you?!

    I think li’l bit’s squinty smiles are great! Really cute shots!