Aye. I was there Matey.

Posted On November 8, 2010

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Lest you think I did not get to go to Magic Kingdom, I have a “kodak moment” as proof to the contrary.  Little Man (still in his swimsuit) and I ended our basking in the sun to hop on the monorail, and pick up Pretty Girl when she finally got too tired to continue on day two of the adventure.  (Those two little black bags contained my entire accoutrements for the day including food, sunscreen, etc.).




In other news (and a different night), Warrior and I went on our semi-annual date!  We took Little Man to dinner and left the other pirates at the room with their Auntie and Uncle.  We came back to drop off the leftovers and the car and walked to the front to pick up the boat to Disney’s Marketplace.

As we waved hello to Captain Dave, six month old Little Man said “I am really tired and I would much rather go to bed then out on the town with you crazy people”.

So as the Captain pushed off from shore we hopped back off and walked back to the room.  After depositing the baby we DROVE back to the front just in time for the boat’s return.

We reboarded and enjoyed our boat ride while Captain Dave laughed at us and extolled the virtues of grandparenthood.

After a rousing 35 minutes of official alone time, the Marketplace closed and we returned to Captain Dave.

Here’s the chicken or the egg question:

A) We go on so few dates because the few minutes alone are not worth the hassle of finding, getting, paying and returning a babysitter


B) We are lousy at dates only because we do it so infrequently.

But we had fun.  And Captain Dave gave us pirate swords and pirate neckerchiefs.  How many of you got prizes like that on your last date?



2 Responses to “Aye. I was there Matey.”

  1. Sally

    I have found that when the babysitter can drive themselves or we
    can get one for free we are much more likely to go out. We have run out of married yet childless friends that will babysit so we go out less. You could try going out more often and see if you get any better at it!

  2. Just Lara

    We just waited 13 years till we had our own babysitter. We’ve only been going out lately though so we’re still bad at it. We usually go to dinner and frequently just end up at Costco to buy groceries. Now that we have another baby we will be even worse at it.