Sure. I’ll be right there.

Posted On November 14, 2010

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We left Florida and headed back to South Carolina for a few days with Warrior’s brother and sister in law.  On the way we were informed Warrior’s mom was put on Hospice.  Warrior decided since he was already out of work and we had two cars in South Carolina, now was the best time to go say goodbye.

My initial reaction was “Go back to Utah?  We just got HOMEfrom Utah.”  I was politely informed that while the children and I might have just barely gotten back, he actually got back months ago.  Oh.  Right.

Not wanting waste precious time driving Warrior decided to turn a 4 day trip into a 2 day trip.  We arrived in SC about midnight on Tuesday night.  He left about 9am Wednesday morning and arrived in Utah in the middle of the night Thursday night/Friday morning.  He had a wonderful visit with family and a special time with his mother who passed away on October 22nd.


Meanwhile, I was 13 hrs from home without nothing to come home to.  No dad.  No point.  So I called all the friends I have been wanting to see in that region but never have time to see because we are always hurrying to cram maximum SC and FL into Warrior’s days off.

Up next: A walk down memory lane.  The college years.