Give me Liberty or Give me Death

Posted On November 17, 2010

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For 10 years I searched for a friend from my major in college.  We lost touch after graduation and I had no idea how to find her.My search involved a series of complex measures involving a lot more wishing than working.

When I finally found her I discovered one of my good friends grew up with her, their families both still lived in the same teeny tiny town and they both visited home annually.

Lesson learned: If you want something, you should whine to a few of your friends.  They might be able to help you.

For a year or so after our electronic reunion we read each other’s blogs and decided it would be great fun to see each other again one day.  With a husband in Utah and no pressing agenda, I looked up her number on the internet and asked if my 4 children and I could visit.  I’m not sure why, but she said yes.

We spent the weekend (Friday night through Monday morning).  With 8 children under age 7, meals were a little crazy and bedtime a little difficult, but they LOVED it and my hosts were fabulous.  My friend and I stayed up way too late every night reminiscing over our college days.  We were statistics majors so there was raucous fun to relive.

While there, we took advantage of a special historical opportunity:  St. John’s Church presents historical reenactments at the original location of the Second Virginia Convention of March 1775. Professional actors in 1770s attire portray ten delegates, including Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. The delegates engage in the debates and arguments of the Second Virginia Convention, which lead up to Patrick Henry’s immortal “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech.

Word of warning – this is not  the place to take 4 small children, on a hot Sunday afternoon after 3 hours of church, by yourself.  They were very nice but they expected complete and total silence from the audience. However, I would not have missed it.  It was a jewel of an opportunity and a perfect homeschool field trip.

Thank you, my dear friend, for a wonderful reunion.  PLEASE let me return the favor some day!


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  1. Sally

    It was a lot of fun and although I do intend to come visit – it might take me a while to get there!