Why would I need a stroller when I have so many arms?

Posted On November 20, 2010

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If a historical reenactment is not an easy place to take 4 children alone, then perhaps a major tourist city with an infant and a toddler but no stroller would be fun.

After leaving my friend’s house, we headed to Viriginia and popped into Potomac Mills for a little shopping. In the space of a few hours I managed to cover the entire mall AND get an arm workout by carrying Little Man the whole way and Pretty Girl half the way.

We still had a few hours before my next hostess would be home so we headed into the city for a little touristing.  After the mall I knew I needed help so I scoured my car and found a strollerbaby carrier, briefcase.  This freed an arm so I could carry Pretty Girl.  All the nutcases in DC and I was the one with the strange stares.  Like no one has ever seen a baby head popping out of a briefcase before.  (I kept my arm under the bag for safety and as you can see from the pictures of him sleeping, he was perfectly content).

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I won’t say we had a complete tour of the city but we saw 3 major monuments up close and personal and several more in our hour long search for a parking spot.  More on the personal side of our visit coming soon to a blog near you.

PS – This post is dedicated to my brother in law who thought I was insane for not taking a stroller for Little Man (and no other children) when we went to Disney’s Marketplace for an hour.


2 Responses to “Why would I need a stroller when I have so many arms?”

  1. Sally

    You are insane. Although, the briefcase is very ingenious – I don’t go anywhere without my ‘big enough for two kids’ stroller!

  2. Just Lara

    Very smart. Maybe you need to keep a wrap in your van for next time. Do you use a wrap? I love mine.