Put me in the zoo

Posted On November 26, 2010

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As I mentioned, we saw enough of downtown D.C. that I felt done.  They saw it.  It was time to move on.  And that’s what we started to do.

Then just after (of course) we passed the exit back to the city, I decided we really ought to throw the national zoo into our itinerary.

So we swung back around (as much as you can swing in D.C. rush hour traffic) and went to see the lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

I replaced my briefcase with a totebag and we

walked and we walked and we walked.

Pretty Girl discovered panda bears which she now loves.  She points them out everywhere we go.  You would be surprised how many panda bears are on billboards and yogurt cups and the like.  She tells us all about how they eat bamboo.

I also met a sweet woman.  A single mother with two young children who stopped me to ask why my little ones weren’t crying.  I saw her again as we were leaving and gave her another pep talk.

My heart went out to her walking away in the rain toward her 3 buses to get home.  Sometimes life is hard.  But when you forget yourself and endure it to treat your children to the zoo, I am sure the blessings flow.


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  1. Sonia

    That quilt is absolutely amazing! You are such a talented seamstress. I can’t believe all you do – you’re supermom!