I hope the Red Sox fanaticism isn’t contagious

Posted On November 29, 2010

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We have a dear young friend whom we adopted into our family a few years ago.  She left us and moved to Annapolis a while back but we love her anyway.

And by that I mean, my children ADORE her.  Of course Warrior and I do too but it’s amazing how much my children scramble to her considering how little they have seen her.

Even Pretty Girl and Little Man nestle right into her arms and stay put.  Apparently she was one of us in the pre-earth life.

And she likes us to, but only because I gave her a Red Sox quilt.  (Too bad she is not a blog reader so she can’t protest).

She also is a busy woman (why do people spend so much time working and stuff instead of waiting around for me to visit?) so we only got a late dinner and an evening …and the wee hours of the morning… to visit, then had to leave before breakfast.

Fortunately, it was plenty of time to bask in her warmth.  It has been so fun to see her blossom into such a confident woman.  I love watching the gospel and a healthy dose of love transform people.

Next up: Our LAST stop!!!!