Never more than we can handle

Posted On December 4, 2010

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As we sneak into what some might consider a hectic time of year, I want to throw out there a gentle reminder to remember what really matters.

A year ago a bloggy friend of mine wrote, “We are never given more than we can handle with His help, but that only applies to the things that He asks us to take on. Not all the extras that we think we can squeeze in.”



I have been quoting her since and I think it would behoove us to remember it.  I am forever doing a million things for my children.  I clean for them.  I cook for them.  I sew for them.  I quilt for them.  But what I often forget is to just BE for them.

The couple days before Pretty Girl’s birthday I kept shooing her away so I could finish her birthday quilt so she would know how much I loved her.

The irony did not escape me.

At the end of each day I have four children (and a husband) who all feel a little neglected.  They ALL want me to lie down with them.  They all want me to put everyone else to bed and pay a little more attention to them.  And all I want to do is lie down by myself.  So that’s 6 people who need more of me every day.

What are your secrets for slowing down, cutting out the superfluous, and splitting yourself into 6ths?



2 Responses to “Never more than we can handle”

  1. Just Lara

    I probably shouldn’t be allowed to answer this since I already know all the answers.

    It’s true that we always want God to help us do the one million things that we shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Crazy.

  2. Tante

    Remember that those cute kids will some day grow up, just like your first baby did (that’s me btw). Take time to enjoy them while they still want you around.