Summer Family Reunion

Posted On December 7, 2010

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Every July Warrior participates in a golf tournament organized to support the scholarship fund created to honor his nephew.  Warrior’s brother and his wife return home for it, which prompts a family gathering.  These gatherings, formerly weekly, then at least monthly, are all too rare these days so it is a special treat for the children to see their aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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1 – The youngest cousins are older than the twins and all boys.  Let the force be with you little one.

2 – The big boys play fairly wild as well.

3 – Not only have I not seen someone throw a yoyo since I was 12, I have NEVER seen a protective case for a yoyo collection.  This is serious business.

4 – We are the only children on Warrior’s side still having children.  Those who are not yet working on grandchildren must get their baby fill when we visit.

5 – These cousins play so well together.

6 – Congratulations to this brand new grandma.  She has been playing grandma to my children for a while and now has her very own little grandson to spoil.

7 – Warrior’s oldest sister

8 – Warrior and I made it into a picture together!!

9 – They all fell asleep on the way home.  The two youngest were carried to bed.  The two oldest were set inside the front door and told to head to bed.  Prince made it partway there….


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  1. Tante

    I do believe I’ve heard stories about your falling asleep on the stairs like Prince. 🙂