lions and tigers and bears

Posted On December 16, 2010

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Actually, there were not any lions or tigers or bears at this circus.  Just people.  Some amazingly strong, agile, lithe, and humorous people.  I remember seeing Barnum and Bailey’s circus when I was the twins’ age.  Obviously a MUCH bigger production but 3 decades from now, they too will remember going to see the circus with their mom. (The other children in the picture are some homeschooling friends).

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On a side note (aka current, as in December), I called a friend today because I needed her to help me figure out how to deal with my crazy and busy life but when I asked how she was she said something to the effect of “What was the question?”.  Her sister is in jail and she is caring for her toddler niece who is the same age as her toddler daughter, and her teenage nephew so she now has 5 children, a home business, a two bedroom home and a husband who is struggling with work.  Phew.  She asked how I was doing and I said “apparently, I’m doing just great.”  Need some perspective?  Call a friend!

Life is a circus for all of us and we need to figure out a way to help each other through the rough patches before we all get eaten by those lions and tigers and bears.



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  1. Mutti

    That will usually set us on the right path, won’t it. Never fear! Help is on the way… slowly but, sort of surely… Love, Shirley’s Mom