The Peacemaker

Posted On December 18, 2010

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The Peacemaker was in town this summer, offering free tours of their gorgeous yacht.  What is the Peacemaker, you ask?  A dream boat owned and operated by a group of people

who call themselves

The Twelve Tribes.

Some of their beliefs in their own words: “We also began creating and making our own garments, to uphold modesty and purity and respect for each

other….And so it continues to this day. The meals we eat together are simple and nourishing, not driven by “health fads,” but simply made from whole fresh foods…Our life is marked by compassion, practicality,

and functionality. If someone is lacking adequate clothes or shoes, we provide them. If someone doesn’t know how to keep his room clean, someone will show him….We work and talk and sing and dance and eat together every day – except that we don’t work on the Sabbath.”

They were such sweet, open people and I loved the idea of their culture.  If only they had the gospel to make it complete.  The children and I had such a great time talking to them about their way of life.  Oh, a

nd that boat!  I don’t know that I’ve ever dreamed of living on a boat before, but that boat certainly pushed me in that direction.