Lotsa boats

Posted On December 20, 2010

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One pretty amazing aspect of living on the east coast is making friends with people who live on boats.

While I might be convinced to live on a yacht, I can’t say I have any desire whatsoever to live a submarine or work on a coast guard ship; however, the personal tours of these vessels has been fascinating.


When the twins were 3 or so, their favorite field trip was a submarine tour.  We frequently had the following conversation in the afternoons when dad came home from work:

Dad: What did you do today?
One of the boys: Went to the submarines.




Dad (looking at mom): Really?

Mom: No.

Look at those grins on this coast guard boat tour we snagged?  What is it with boys and metal?  Boats, planes, trucks.  If it clunks, boys go ga-ga.