Walk the Plank

Posted On December 22, 2010

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Toward the end of August we attended a bike fest.

The boys got new bike helmets and everyone decorated their bikes with streamers, stickers, balloons and one little (excuse me BIG) girl even got a flower almost as big as her bike.  (The photo shows her signature photo smile.)

They had a bike tour of the town and I asked if I could run to keep up with a stroller.

They kindly referred me to three different people… apparently no one had ever asked if they could run along with a 4 children on a bike tour….huh.

Apparently a stroller does not count as a four wheeled bicycle.

So instead we wandered down the pier to eat our lunch and wistfully watch the Peacemaker still in harbor.

The children from the boat were swinging off the side and diving into their version of a backyard swimming pool.

(Typing this in December the idea is not quite as enticing; however, back in August, there was NOTHING we wanted more than to join them in their frolics).


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  1. Brookeh

    Sometimes it’s better to do and ask for forgiveness later.
    Hey I need your address and also Erickson’s and Gray’s if you have a moment. Miss you!