My Life Twin and a 7 year recap

Posted On December 28, 2010

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When my twins were born I quit working and moved to a town closer Warrior’s job so he had a shorter commute.  I became friends with a woman in our new congregation who had a little girl just 7 weeks younger than my boys.  My boys were preemies so they should have been almost exactly the same age.  We frequently got together to let our three babies play.

Once I invited her to a Pampered Chef party at my house. Also present was the mother of a good friend of mine from my college days.  The two of them spent the hour absorbed in conversation.  Turns out my new friend had dated my college friend years ago.  I had heard of her long before we ever met!

Two years later she and I were again pregnant – the only pregnant women in our congregation.  Unfortunately, her baby was stillborn.  So was mine.

The next year she gave birth to a baby boy in May.  Pretty Girl was born in November.  (The farthest apart of all our children).

Two more years and her little red headed darling (below) was born.  Five days later Little Man joined us.

Over the 7 years we have been friends most of our congregation has turned over – our other friends have moved and been replaced with new ones.  Only she and I remain.  With so many children, jobs, school, homeschool, etc life has gotten busy and we do not get together as much as we did when our first little ones were born but we have this tie.  I cannot imagine why we have been sent all of our children simultaneously but I also cannot imagine it has been accidental.  Somehow our friendship is a part of Heavenly Father’s plan.  And that makes it precious.


3 Responses to “My Life Twin and a 7 year recap”

  1. Vi

    Really sweet and touching post. I never realized that about both of you- or just didn’t really make the connection. I love those tender mercies! Thanks!

  2. Tante

    Tell her Hello from me!! And give all those kids hugs…I miss them tons!!!

  3. Grandma Great

    Love those kids!