See our lives. See our lives revolve around sports.

Posted On January 4, 2011

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We finished off summer with a baby shower for Warrior’s sweet niece.  His brother and sister in law are so incredibly excited to enter the world of grandparenting (the sister in law below is a different baby hungry sister in law).  My grandnephew was born around Thanksgiving and so far I have only seen a picture but he is darling and I can’t wait to meet him.  Besides, it’s warmer down there.   Our course, that is not the reason, but I keep checking the weather channel for locales in the south.  I like to be jealous.  Anywho, this blog is still in August so please forgive my sidebar whine.

With summer officially over, we entered the world of insane.

Football season.

Which would not have been so bad if not for one thing.

Soccer season.

I was the head coach for soccer, and the coordinator for the Micro soccer league.  Warrior was the assistant coach for both teams.  Our schedule ran as follows:

Monday: Football practice

Tuesday: Soccer practice

Wednesday: Football practice

Thursday: Football game

Friday: Homeschool coop

Saturday: Soccer Game

Sunday: Breathe (sort of)

Our little cheerleader enjoyed sideline games and considered herself part of the team.  Little Man endured it all.  Warrior and I began to wonder if perhaps there is more to life than sports afterall.  But whose sport do you give up?  His or mine?

Despite us all being on the field together, I am beginning to think structured sports take away too much from the family.  I think the boys would have improved more in soccer if we had spent half as much time playing soccer as a family.  (We do not yet have enough children for our own football games).  But would we dedicate the time if not structured in a team?

Help me out here…How do you feel about structured sports?  How do you balance your obsession with sports with your dedication to family and a sane life?



3 Responses to “See our lives. See our lives revolve around sports.”

  1. Karen

    I don’t know if I can help much because I don’t have an obsession with sports (although my husband does), but we did decide not to put Bud in soccer this year. He liked it, but it took every Saturday away from family work or family outings and it was another night in the week that we had to drive him somewhere and didn’t have family time. We might put him in again sometime, but we needed the year off. I don’t know how people do it with multiple children in multiple sports. It’s been so nice for our family time not to have to worry about it. He doesn’t miss it either. He plays sports outside with his siblings, friends or his dad still.

  2. Chris

    I’m guessing you don’t want my input here….

  3. Holly

    One sport per season? I don’t know. . .love the pics though. LOVE ’em.