Betcha didn’t know this was a craft blog did ya?

Posted On February 7, 2011

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I used to have 3 blogs.  Craft, homeschool, and family.  A year or two ago I combined them and talked about all 3 topics on here.  And then I got behind and stopped philosophizing on homeschooling and stopped posting my sewing projects.  Recently my mom said “You should post that on your blog…oh, you don’t put your projects on your blog, do you.”

Yes I do!!!  I just haven’t finished anything in a while!  I’ve made a dent in a lot of things.  I’m sure I’ve finished something.  Not that I can name anything.  I suppose that means I should blog something to prove that I DO accomplish something with that big sewing room I have.

This is my church bag.  It used to have a hot satiny lining but it was shredding to bits so I took it out and replaced it with pink leopard print with specific pockets for all my stuff ~pencils, handkerchief, notebooks, divinity journal, Ensign, Sunday School manual, hymnbook, scriptures, diapers, even a hook for my keys so I don’t have to dig to the bottom after church.

Fortunately, the purpose of a blog is to make you think I made something perfect that always looks this organized. I do not have to show you a picture of what it looked like today with books and random paper crammed in and I don’t have to tell you how frustrated I am that I put big pockets on the outermost and small pockets toward the middle so now it flaps and sags weird.  Good thing you get to think I was perfectly brilliant instead.  I love bloggy world.


3 Responses to “Betcha didn’t know this was a craft blog did ya?”

  1. Mutti

    It looks great! …Well, you could also blog about Pretty Girl’s quilt, and the boys’ quilt and the pink coat. That will be interesting… as soon as you finish it. The other two ARE finished and they look terrific! I will keep thinking! There is one SMALL item you could show these fine people: The Kitchen! …And then, there is the gift quilt we were making on the eve of Christmas Eve.. Oh, right. The machine quit and we had to go to bed… There is also the School Room… How about a progress report?

  2. Vi

    You should have entitled this “Betcha Didn’t Know I Still Post on my Blog!”
    (why am I reading your blog- I know everything about your day to day life!)

  3. Tante

    I think you’re brilliant and organized….Can you make my church bag look that nice?? And add a hook for my keys? 🙂