Betcha didn’t know I still post on my blog

Posted On February 24, 2011

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Maybe it comes from my growing in the military and moving every three years, and only occasionally seeing long lost friends who are spread across the globe, but to me, the measure of a true friend is one with whom you can pick right up exactly where you left off.

I am not a wonderful long distance communicator.  It takes effort and I’m lazy, or tired, or maybe just not a good friend.  But some people don’t mind and they are gems because they act like it hasn’t been 2 years since we last spoke and pretend we hung out just yesterday. and the day before. and the day before that.

One of these friends came to see me during soccer season.  I will tell you all about her in my next post and the amazing thing she helped me do. 

In this post I am going to hope you are one of those gems and will let me pretend it did not take me 6 weeks to write the second half of the “which sport” conundrum. I shall respond to one person’s suggestion on how to avoid sports overload.  She said “Uh, one sport?”.  Sheesh.  Crazy eh?  Yeah yeah yeah.  Logical but which sport?  Mine or his?

Much to my chagrin, his sport might win afterall because the soccer league made me mad by being so continuously and  ridiculously inane that I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  I wrote a long letter detailing the error of all their ways and then I didn’t send it.  They let me quit from being Registrar, Micro Coordinator and U8 Coach which no questions asked.  If you had one person doing that much wouldn’t you at least say “Really?  You’re deserting us?”  Makes me think Warrior was right after all – they don’t want to improve so why waste my breath.

I’m over it.  Well, sort of.  I love soccer.  I loved coaching soccer.  And admittedly I kinda liked being known as “The pregnant coach with a baby in her arms”.


4 Responses to “Betcha didn’t know I still post on my blog”

  1. Mutti

    It IS hard to believe that they let you quit without so much as a word of thanks because even if you hadn’t been such a willing worker and doing all those other jobs, you were a terrific coach. Maybe too good. Perhaps they were happy to see your team quit winning all the games! If you take out a great coach and two of the best players in the league it levels the playing field… Hmmm…

  2. Brookeh

    If it makes you feel better, you have posted more often than I have this month! I can’t believe that they didn’t thank you. I need to give them a piece of mind. I miss you.

  3. Sally

    I tried to comment yesterday and it didn’t seem to work so I will try again…
    um, are you pregnant again? I was going to act like we had just spoken yesterday and the day before that, but I realized I’d missed something so I have to admit I may not have known…
    I think only doing 1 sport is a good idea, but I think it’s sad that you can’t actually choose, you are forced by their inability to run the program to dump soccer.

  4. barefootquilter

    Correction #1 – They said thankyou. But that’s it. I was hoping for “Oh. Why? Should we do something differently?” Seems a little silly when I type it.

    Correction #2 – We were by far the best micro team but we were squarely in the middle of the pack our U8 season and had our share of squashings. Please pardon a mother and grandmother’s boasting. =)

    Correction #3 – I coached 3 seasons and was pregnant one of them, and had an infant during one of them. I am not currently pregnant. I had to go check your blog to find out but you are now ahead. Congratulations Sally!