My New Welcome Center

Posted On March 6, 2011

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My front porch has been the blight of my home.  We do not have a mudroom and the garage is inconveniently located so the porch has become a dumping ground for all of it – bikes, helmets, rollerblades, boots, coats, gloves, even tools and projects.  It has been unsightly and embarrassing.  I do my best to keep it cleaned up and neat but I have felt like David fighting Goliath without my trusty  sling shot.  Even if the rest of the house is spotless (which of course it always is), all most people see is the one room that most decidedly isn’t pretty.

I have wracked my brain and the brain of most people whom I trust to come up with answers to life’s dilemmas but no one has been able to find solutions to the room’s issues.

  • It is abnormally long and thin on both sides of doors.
  • The front and sides are solid windows and the right side is also mostly windows.
  • Most of the junk out there, really does have to stay there.
  • The room has no purpose.

My friend and I started discussing the room about 10pm.  We called the in the hubbies on their way to bed to make them move some furniture for us.  Warrior chided me for making my friend work (wouldn’t she rather watch a bball game?) but she assured them that just as I think its fun to organize, she thinks its fun to decorate.

And I admit she is quite good at it.  She asked me “If money were no object, what would you put in that room?”  I had no answer but in 4 hours we came up with a plan and executed it by stealing things from other rooms of the house.

  • We broke the room in half.  The left side still needs a little work but by thinking of the room as two rooms, we were able to overcome a little of the long and skinny problem.  Then we arranged furniture to stop the eye and make it look wider.
  • She told me to embrace the windows.  Most people advised curtains to hide them (especially the awkward wall of windows that peer into the living room).  She convinced me to love them instead.  And now I do.
  • We removed the bowflex and bike.  Ahhh.  I have been trying to do that for a while with no success.  Maybe it was paying an interior designer thousands of dollars (well, really just a pancake breakfast) but Warrior finally agreed we could take them out.  We added a treasure chest coffee table for boots and a tall basket for rollerblades and helmets.  The rest we moved to the left side to tackle another day.
  • We gave the room a purpose.  My house has several living room type areas so I thought it really did not need another one but it turns out I was wrong.  I now have a cozy little room to welcome people without even entering the house.  Warrior held a meeting out there undisturbed by the four wild angelic children in the house.

What used to be my greatest frustration is now a sanctuary of peace.  Thanks dear friend.  Please come back soon and help me finish the rest of the house!

P.S.  Lest you think life isn’t real here, I will admit that winter has been so cold, we have only enjoyed the room a handful of times and I spent most of the winter removing wet boots and sleds from my pretty sunroom and the other side spent a month crammed with the rest of the workshop junk that was on it’s way out of the school room we remodeled…however, spring is almost here and as soon as Warrior is finished staining the molding for the school room out there, I plan to spend a lot of time in my new pretty room.


2 Responses to “My New Welcome Center”

  1. Brookeh

    Awesome!! The pictures look fantastic! Now I want to come and sit in your sunroom. Does Hotel X. have any openings? I hear you are moving soon. How soon?

    • barefootquilter

      Our hotel ALWAYS has vacancies!