The quintessential autumn activity

Posted On March 17, 2011

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Now that spring is tempting to be here, I shall attempt to finish blogging about last fall.  Apple picking.  The perfect fall activity.  Especially if you live in the country.  The first several years as a mother I failed to include apple picking in our litany of activities.  And then I talked to a friend in the big city who took her family to the country every year to pick apples.  It was an all day excursion and I felt guilty that I had apples in my backyard (relatively speaking) and had never partaken.  Since then, we have included apple picking in our autumn festivities. 

We came home with 3 bushels of apples.  Last year I baked up a storm to use them all up.  This year we just ate them one crunchy apple goodness at a time. I would miss fall if it did not tend to be followed by winter.

Speaking of festivities – I was quite annoyed today on our way to a class at the library to find out there was a parade and the library was in the center of it.  We spent 35 minutes trying to get close enough to park somewhere near the library.  All the revelers were reveling and I was stewing.  I don’t think I will ever feel guilty about having parades in my backyard while other people have to drive all day to get to them.  I put a crocheted shamrock barrette in Pretty Girl’s hair (Danke Tante) and called it a festival.  No need to block the streets people.  (Pardon the crankiness).


3 Responses to “The quintessential autumn activity”

  1. Mutti

    Next year you can add parades to your annual list of fun things to do. Shame on you not having a rousing St Patrick’s Day celebration. Just because Warrior was working double shifts hardly seems like a good excuse! Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Tante

    Glad Pretty Girl got to enjoy her Shamrock!!

  3. Brookeh

    My favorite parade ever was the one we went to together and then walked around Niantic. Was that a parade or just a festival? Anyway it’s one of my favorite memories.