Happy Birthday Baby

Posted On March 19, 2011

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Pretty Girl turned 3.  That isn’t really outdated news because I have yet to fully accept it.  Despite her insistence that she is a BIG GIRL, she is my baby.  However, I should come to terms with her age because she is absolutely totally and completely 3.   She is sweet and lovable and totally cute.  Which is why we put up with her stubbornness and her defiance and her, well,  3 year old ness.
For her birthday (which was a quiet family affair) she got food.  The wooden sets are from my parents and the crocheted food is from my sister.  The quilt is from me.  I suppose I should take real pictures of it and show it off since it deserves a post of it’s own.  (I’ll get to it.  Hold your breath til I do).

Pretty girl is VERY into her play kitchen.  However, when she wakes me up in the morning to tell me she’s hungry.  “I’m hungry.  I’m hungry.  I’m hungry.”, she will not accept play food and she will not be acquiesed with acknowledgment.  Yes, dear.  I hear you.  No, she wants real food.  How can a 3 year old who still wears size 9 month dresses as shirts be so obsessed with eating?

But as much as she likes food and kitchens, she is even MORE into clothes.  Her other first request of the morning is “It’s light out.  Can I get dressed?”  Imagine that question with all the glee of a child asking for an ice cream cone.  She LOVES to get dressed.  Repeatedly.  In pink.  And ruffles.  That skirt above has 80″ around.  That’s about triple what I need in a skirt.  (well, not quite but it sounded nice).  She is SUCH a girly girl. A sweet, wonderful, hilarious girly girl.

Happy Birthday my baby.  (haha.  She can’t read so she can’t vehemently protest that she’s not a baby!)


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Baby”

  1. Mutti

    Can’t get much cuter! If you don’t give kids ice cream, they CAN get really excited about other things! …and fun, frilly clothes are much better than ice cream anyway!

  2. Tante

    Pretty Girl is growing up so fast!!! You need to move out here so I can see you!!!