Time to Replace The Baby

Posted On June 8, 2011

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People have been saying mean things to me lately.  Awful hurtful things.  Like “Little Man is getting so big” or “Your baby isn’t a baby anymore”.

Isn’t that awful?  How could people who love me say such things to me?  It just isn’t nice.

A friend who knows me particularly well took one look at Little Man and said, “It’s about time for you to replace him.”  At first I was appalled.  But she just laughed and then I knew what she meant.  I laughed.  And sighed.  The only way to get over the sadness of your precious babies growing up is the replace them with younger babies.  Fortunately, mine all look the same so it eases the pain a little bit. But not a lot.  Because they grow up really really fast.  My advice to new moms is always “Don’t blink”.  I should know.  I have blinked four times and look what’s happened.

And just in case you are wondering, this isn’t my announcement post.  In fact, this is the first summer since 2005 that I have not been either pregnant or had an infant.  That’s a LOT of years of babyness.  It feels rather strange.  So I just keep telling people that Little Man is a newborn.  I am not sure if they believe me but they tell me I can keep thinking it if I want.   I think I will.

Though it would help if he would stop acting so old.  Nobody can ever believe he is 18 months (he’s 12 months in the pictures because that’s how far behind I am) because he runs after his siblings and climbs walls and swings from chandeliers like he’s Pretty Girl’s age instead of the infant that he is.


4 Responses to “Time to Replace The Baby”

  1. m

    He is SO cute! At any age…

  2. Sally

    What a cutie! I’d love to see current pictures ;). We have replaced our last baby and I’m trying really hard not to blink, knowing there won’t be another – it’s very bittersweet!

  3. Brookeh

    He is so cute! I feel your pain. I took a look at Boo this past week and thought to myself she’s a little girl. It was horrible! How dare they get bigger. How dare they! You have such good looking kids. Any chance you’ll be coming back to Utah again this summer? I know it’s my turn, but that’s going to have to wait until I get an official job. Only one more semester to go! Sorry for the long comment. I’ve been missing you and I’m excited you have posted again. Ok. I’ll go now. Love you!

  4. Carrie Curtis

    Actually…if you count me…you’ve blinked 5 times! 😉