And that’s when we realized we are crazy

Posted On June 13, 2011

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It was one of those busy days when you wonder why it’s called HOMEschooling.  We started off with a Halloween craft day with one of our several homeschooling groups.  I quite disapprove of this sort of material wasting activity.   Nobody created anything of worth.  Nobody stretched their powers of creativity.  Nobody learned a thing.  But we killed a lot of trees and oil buckets (is foam made from plastic and therefore oil?).  I only went because I was dying to learn something from the mom who hosted.

We did have fun.  Enough fun that we lost track of time and forgot we were supposed to be at the boys’ football game until Warrior called to ask why we weren’t home yet.  We flew into the car and flew across town (okay, across 3 towns).  I dashed into the house for cleats and something nutritious and we dashed across another town.  After the game (which was spectacular, I’m sure), we again piled into the van to fly across town the other direction to make it to the history faire which I was co-hosting for a different homeschooling group.  We only flew halfway there when we got stopped by an accident on the freeway.  We stood absolutely, perfectly still for 90 minutes.  That was really fun.

Instead of being early enough to set up, we barely made it in time for the boys to participate.  At some point during the fall (thanks to many days like this, though most not this bad) we realized our lives were a tad over scheduled.  One of the many many reason we homeschool is to avoid the rush and scurry that has taken all the joy out of life.  Everyone is in such a hurry to go to the next job, the next entertainment, the next class, they forget life is just fun.  With two sports and numerous homeschool coops and groups, we somehow fell into the same rut.  Change was abrewing.

The history faire was fantastic.  I was so proud of the boys and they had so much fun with it.  Tackler was Charles Lindbergh and Prince was Walt Disney.  They created boards with information about their people and dressed in character.  The children studied the boards, then walked around asking each other questions like “Did you fly an airplane from New York to Paris nonstop transatlantic?”  Then Tackler would say yes and that child knew he was Lindbergh.

During the event, I was standing next to two moms talking.  They were lamenting that “these things always turn into the moms doing most of the work.”  Then they turned to me and said “Except your children.  It always looks like they do theirs”.  As I type this I realize it could sound like an insult.  Like theirs look the least professional.  Which they are.  But what does an 8 eight year old learn from printing out some pretty graphics and words?  Ours are colorful – written and illustrated with child scrawl.  Something to treasure a thousand years from now.  Well, twenty years from now anyway.