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My husband and I share a love of the water.  I love to play on it, near it, in it and he loves to drink it.  My dream is to live ON the water and be able to swim and ski through my summer days.  I almost got to pretend to live that dream this summer with two caveats – #1 – the water was pretty darn freezing so swimming was out.  #2 – I was pregnant so skiing and speed were both out.

blog2At least I was able to go boating and do some light tubing and introduce my infant to the thrill of speed.  She would have been happy to spend the entire day on the tube and we were only slowed by my delicate state, not by her fear.  When she wasn’t grinning from ear to ear, she was signing “more”. blog1

I lived vicariously through my sister who was able to experience all the thrill I was craving.  At the end of the night as she crashed through the wake, I tried to take a really cool picture of her tubing in front of the sunset.  Since I didn’t quite succeed I’ll let you see the pieces here and imagine how amazing it looked.blogOn another note: I am almost finished with my Americana quilt.  I finished the middle and am half way through the 1st of 3 borders.  I always forget a name plate on the back and am thankful I remembered just in time to sneak one in.  I need the perfect (albeit very short) quote about America.  PLEASE HELP.  What should I write?


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Prince: Mom, I neeSummer Vacation 2009 795d some more clothes for Wrinkles.  (Wrinkles is a beloved Beanie Baby puppy).  Can you make some?

Mom: Yes, but right now it is not very high on my priority list.Summer Vacation 2009 969

Prince: But you always like to make quilts.  We don’t NEED any more blankets.

Mom: What?  That’s like saying we don’t need any more animals.Summer Vacation 2009 792

Prince: We don’t need MORE.  We just need clothes for them.

Can you BELIEVE he would say such a thing?  Not need more quilts?  I’m appalled.  …And this coming from the quilt thief.  Do you know how many quilts he has convincedSummer Vacation 2009 797 me to make for him AND I have made for other people that he claimed as his own?  No wonder he doesn’t think we need more.  I shouldn’t have been so generous!

Ideally I would post a picture of my latest quilt but it is not quite finished.  I still Summer Vacation 2009 798need to quilt the borders and add a binding.

So photos are of a fun day we spent at the playground with my mom, sister in law (notice her teeny tiny pregnant belly), and the kids.  Someone else’s camera even has a picture of me and my mom on that teeter totter thing.  Imagine a grandma and a pregnant lady on a standing teeter totter!


My mom pointed out that I didn’t include all the details of the park day.  We were headed out in a caravan to a museum and made it 3 houses before we got stopped by construction.  After waiting for an hour we decided to scrap our plans and walk to the park instead.  While there, we were greeted by a friend with a huge platter of decorated cookies.  Imagine changing plans and being greeted by a Cookie Lady.  No one ever delivers cookies to us at the park at home!

Destination Detour

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Summer Vacation 2009 723

We decided a 9 hr drive was not quite enough torture for our children so we decided to add an extra day to the trip back to Colorado and make a pit stop in Pagosa Springs, CO.

We have been trying to determine where we want to move in 3 years when we Summer Vacation 2009 778are free from our current obligations.  Of the 50 states, we have crossed off 47 of them for various reasons (mostly natural disaster and pest control problems such as hurricanes, earthquakes, scorpions, and democrats).

On a previous cross country trek I crossed off most of Colorado as either too cold, too crowded or two deserty.  Summer Vacation 2009 760There was one little town left on my list – a tiny ski town in southern Colorado and so we drove down and spent the night.  The next day we drove around checking out properties and talking to real estate agents.

The kids had a blast.  Summer Vacation 2009 709

In the end we crossed Pagosa off our list as well.

Summer Vacation 2009 781

I think we better hurry up and move before we completely run out of states.   However, we thoroughly enjoyed thescenery of this gorgeous nest 10k feet in the mountains.

And the blue skies.  Oh the blue skies.  Why don’t they make blue in the east?  Iwon’t argue against New England’s beauty but I LOVE the grandeur of the mountains.  Especially when you come across a sea of motor homes.  This is probably 10% of what we saw sandwiched into one little valley.  Therewere literally thousands of these little white things.  It was incredible.  As in unbelievable, not as in amazing.

Funny School Story:

The boys keep a journal as part of their school work.  Occasionally they write but usually they dictate to me.  Last week Tackler used the word “too” in a sentence.  Then he double checked my work to ensure I had used two “o”‘s in the spelling.  Such faith he has in his teacher’s intelligence eh?

And you thought the airplanes were fantastic….

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Every two days I post one more day of our summer vacation.  We are zooming right along here, eh?  On our way from Utah back to Colorado we made a delightful stop at Arches National Park.  The weather was incredible.  Over 100 degrees but unlike at home, it was actually NICE.  Even hiking uphill all day, we are perfectly comfortable.  Ahhh, dry heat.  Lovely.  And blue skies!!!  Look at these skies.  Incredible.  Below are 36 of the 257 pictures we kept from our little visit.2009-10-101

Funny story #1: See that sign that says Arches Natl Park?  That’s just before the entrance to the park.  We got out to do the touristy thing and take a picture there.  A nice couple (we’re still so shocked to find friendly people out west) drove up and got out of their car.  We took pictures of each other, thanked each other kindly, and then they drove away.  They didn’t even go in the park.  They took a picture in front of the sign and continued on through the desert.  Their blog will have one picture and a caption that reads “Been there.  Didn’t do that.”2009-10-103

The second picture above is of me and Pretty Girl hiking up a LONG steep hill.  That was the very first lookout point.  She insisted on walking the ENTIRE way.  No help.  Usually not even a hand hold until she got to a step taller than her navel.  She drew a crowd of admirers who marveled at my independent 20 month old’s hiking ability.  The 3rd picture is of her walking back to the car – STILL refusing help.  The rest of the day continued basically like that.  She finally realized there was a LOT of hiking a LOT of steep inclines and relented to a little carrying, but not much.  At times the boys asked to be carried and we pulled that old parental no-no of comparison “Your sister is walking.  You can too.”2009-10-102

And then there was their father who provides Funny Story #2.  On the way up one of the inclines he stopped a man coming down to ask “Is this arch worth the trek up this hill?”  The man assured him it was and continued a few steps farther down the hill to find Mr. Wornout’s pregnant wife carrying a 20 month old.  Sheesh.  The pregnant lady carrying the baby is fine but the husband “with the heavy water bottle” wants to know if it’s worth it.  Can I say it again?  SHEESH.   Yes, it was worth it.


I love this last picture in the bottom right hand corner.  It was taken at the very last arch we saw.  I can’t tell you how many miles we hiked but it was a LOT.  In the last few pictures every face looks worn out.  Prince is pretending he is asleep.  Not because he’s trying to be cute but because he wished he was.  And I am pretty much propping up the other two.  The picture is fortunately too small for you to tell but even my face looks ready to fall over.    But we had an awesome time.  Arches is one destination on our ‘plan to return to’ list.  When the kids get older we want to camp and spend several days there hiking to some of the arches that were too far away for us on this trip.  If you haven’t been, you cannot possibly imagine how spectacular it is.  We spent most of the day imagining what a grand time Heavenly Father must have had designing this place.   Truly amazing.

You Can’t Miss It

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One day I was looking for a store. Summer Vacation 2009 380 I knew I was in the right vicinity but somehow I missed it.  I went into another store to ask directions and was given these instructions: “Go down this street.  You can’t miss it”.  I deplore those 4 little words – You can’t miss it.  I already did miss it.  That’s why I need help.  I always know when someone tells me I can’t miss something, that I will definitely miss it.

Summer Vacation 2009 363How many times have I missed the obvious in my own life?  Today I asked a dear friend with 6 kids and 18 years more mothering experience than me how she became a patient mother.

Her golden advice was “There is a moment JUST before you lose it when you decide whether or not you will lose control.  Summer Vacation 2009 388

You have to decide in that moment you will not lose it.”

Have you ever heard anything more obvious?  Or more profound?

My senior year at BYU, my future in laws moved to Utah.  I spent a lot of time at their house my last semester.  Since then, I have been back several times.

A couple miles from their house is a giant hole.  I mean a GIANT hole.  One you can see from space.  I have seen pictures of it on the internet.  It is BIG.  And famous.

On our last visit my husband decided we should go visit this copper mine but we didn’t know where in Utah it was.

Summer Vacation 2009 379

He said he thought it was really close and so I made a really stupid remark, “If it was near here, don’t you think I’d know about it?”  Apparently not.

How did I miss a world famous, man made wonder just a few miles away?  What other obvious pits and wonders do I not see that are so glaringly huge they can be seen from space?

Super Gymnasts Morph into Super Heros

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In March the boys were invited to a birthday party for their twin friends. For presents I made super hero capes which were a big hit. For a post dedicated specifically to them, go here). I couldn’t resist taking 100 pictures of the super heros and was ecstatic when they promptly donned them and raced (flew?) around the party table (see middle picture).

The party was awesome. The funnest birthday party we have ever attended. No offense to all the party throwers who have been kind enough to invite us to your delightful parties which came in a very close second, but how do you beat a gymnastics party? The above collage gives you a glimpse of the fun but for a true taste, you need to watch my long but thrilling video*:

(*I hope my music choice is appropriate and appropriate for the video. Not much has changed since I was 13 and knew nothing about current hits. And by “current” I obviously mean anything except Primary hymns).

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Aquarium Class

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Thanks to the organizational generosity of our homeschool group, the boys took a class at the aquarium this year. Here are a few pictures of their last class:

I stay in the room so I can glean whatever aquatic information they send the boys way and reinforce it at home. Which means Pretty Girl also stays in the room. When we started the class in September, she was so little and stayed on my lap except to wriggle). Now while the boys are at the touch tank, she makes herself quite at home in the school room area:
And some shots of the kids enjoying the rest of the aquarium:

Wrinkles Takes Air Museum by Storm

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Following in the footsteps of their father and his father and all the males on that side of the family, the boys are obsessed with airplanes. (I’m sure it’s hereditary, not brainwashing). Since age 2, they have been able to identify airplanes by the sounds of their motors. Let me tell you how thrilling it is as their mother to listen to airplane motors cruising through my kitchen. Nothing beats Mozart like a motor.
But I digress. Their favorite destination is, of course, the air museum. Not to be outdone by dad (chief brainwasher) who always takes them to their favorite destinations, I decided to take my maiden visit to the shrine of all flying metal.
Carefully note the pictures. Wrinkles (Prince’s dog) makes more cameo appearances than any of the kids. And I spared you over half the pictures of him. Can you imagine what a ruckus we would have created if we let him have a real dog?