2011 Goals

My spiritual and educational goals are encompassed in a motherhood education group to which I have belonged for many years.  These goals are beyond that and have to do with my sense of organization and creative endeavors.

~ FINISH decorating house

~ FINISH organizing and skimming down house

~ Shrink UFPs to one basket

~ Ride unicycle around a block

~ Run a 10K

~ Host a violin and piano recital

~ Boys baptism quilts

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4 Responses to “2011 Goals”

  1. Mutti

    What happened to ‘Empty My UFO Basket’ on that list? We did that! You haven’t filled it up again, have you?

  2. Carol Badurek

    You mom and I have come to the conclusion we will never EVER have your organizational skills. Can’t speak for your mom, but I am an old dog and it is way to hard to teach me new tricks.

  3. Dad

    It’s mid-July. How are you coming??

  4. Barefoot

    I accomplished goal 1…find my way back home! MY year at home isn’t half over…it’s barely begun.
    I dreaded looking after seeing your question since of course I forgot about my list as soon as I wrote it… However, I was happy to see it matches my goals on my fridge.
    I am making progress on several. There is still hope.

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