Kids Bookshelf

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2 Responses to “Kids Bookshelf”

  1. Twinmomwv

    Any tips on getting your kids to sit still for read alouds? We are trying to read Little House in the Big Woods but it’s just not holding their attention.

    Barefoot says: Maybe that isn’t an interesting book for them? We were struggling through Dear Mr. Henshaw until I realized I was as bored with it as them so we stopped. I originally hooked them on longer books by giving everyone a pick – including me. It’s only fair that I get a choice too and they were ok with that. Right now we are reading Tale of Desperaux which they love. I told them I would read a chapter of TofD for every page we read of Lamb’s Shakespeare (it’s about the same amount). They beg me to read Shakespeare so they can hear TofD.

  2. Roseanne

    I still remember a friend who, thirty years ago, read Watership Down by Richard Adams to her 4 year old. He loved it! It was long (over 400 pages.)

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